Touch Screen Centralized Control

AUX touch screen centralized controller is a multifunctional device that can control up to 256 indoor units within a maximum connection length of 1200meters.Users could enjoy the flexibility of either controlling multiple units as a group or controlling each unit individually.

Multi-system Control

256 indoor units with no repeated address from different outdoor systems could be centralized controlled together. this greatly reduces system limitations.

Multiple Lock function

The new centralized controller could not only lock their own keyboards, it could also enable the users lock each unit’s  setting mode or remote controller.

Weekly Schedule Control

The CC-02 centralized controller’s weekly schedule timer function allows users to set up to four scheduled periods per day ,each  with its own operation mode and temperature setting.

Indoor Units Operation Status Display

Error and protection codes are shown directly on centralized controller’s displays, no need to access outdoor unit’s PCBs to obtain codes .The building management professionals could inquire a wide range of historical error and protection codes to get the system status information before contacting a service engineer.

* The data from the AUX air conditioning laboratory center, the parameters in the table is the nominal value of the rated working conditions, it will be vary with the difference of working conditions, environment, regional differences, the specific experimental environment are measured by AUX, including cooling capacity, heating, power, noise, air supply, etc.

* Due to product iteration and upgrading, the above design and specifications are subject to change without notice, and the final specifications are subject to the technical specifications which provided by the sales representative.


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