Fan Coil Unit CASSETTE

5-fold exchanger.

Round-way air supply.

Long distance air supply


5-fold Exchanger

The evaporator adopts a 5-fold evaporator, which has a larger heat exchange area and a 12% increase in heat exchange efficiency compared to traditional 4-fold evaporators.

Round-way Air Supply

Round flow panel make the air diffuse from 360°direction, and the temperature distribution is more uniform.

Long Distance Air Supply

The air supply distance reaches 4m, meeting the air supply requirements for tall spaces.

Big Air Volume

Adopting a large-diameter spiral wind wheel for larger air volume and lower noise.

Sleeping Mode

Turn on sleep mode at night, no need to worry about being too cold or too hot, and sleep comfortably all night long.

* The data from the AUX air conditioning laboratory center, the parameters in the table is the nominal value of the rated working conditions, it will be vary with the difference of working conditions, environment, regional differences, the specific experimental environment are measured by AUX, including cooling capacity, heating, power, noise, air supply, etc.

* Due to product iteration and upgrading, the above design and specifications are subject to change without notice, and the final specifications are subject to the technical specifications which provided by the sales representative.




  • Fan Coil Unit WALL-MOUNTED

    Fan Coil Unit WALL-MOUNTED

  • Fan Coil Unit Horizontal Concealed

    Fan Coil Unit Horizontal Concealed

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