Fresh Air Inlet

Fresh air inlet design, fresh air can be introduced to en_x005fsure fresh air in the room.

Silent Water Pump

Select silent water pump to ensure different customer installation requirements.

Two Return Air Modes are Selected

Two return air modes are selected (back return air and down return air), Easy to change.

Electronic Control is Easy to Maintain

Quickly remove 1 screw from the left and right end cover.

Change the direction of output line, maintenance without shielding, increase the maintenance space.

Double Drain Holes

Double drainage design on the left and right side of the water plate, flexible to adapt to the installation site.

* The data from the AUX air conditioning laboratory center, the parameters in the table is the nominal value of the rated working conditions, it will be vary with the difference of working conditions, environment, regional differences, the specific experimental environment are measured by AUX, including cooling capacity, heating, power, noise, air supply, etc.

* Due to product iteration and upgrading, the above design and specifications are subject to change without notice, and the final specifications are subject to the technical specifications which provided by the sales representative.




  • Floor Standing

    Floor Standing

  • Console


  • Ceiling&Floor


  • High ESP Duct

    High ESP Duct

  • Duct E

    Duct E

  • Duct M

    Duct M

  • Cassette Y

    Cassette Y

  • Compact Cassette

    Compact Cassette

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