AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R&D Center Unveiled

Mar. 26, 2019

On March 26, AUX Japan R&DCenter was officially founded in Kobe Japan. ZhengJianjiang, Chairman of Aux Group, Leng Ling, President of AUX Home ApplianceDepartment and core customer representativesincluding Toshiba, Panasonic, Renesas and Sanken, as well as more than 10authoritative media at home and abroad witnessed the unveiling ceremony of AUX Air-ConditionerJapan R&D Center.

AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R

AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R&DCenter is located at Rokko Island KobeJapan, covering an area of more than 1,000square meters; as a major homeappliance R&D center in Japan, its Kansai area gathersworld-renowned air-conditioner manufacturers such as Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, etc, with numerous excellenttechnical talents;therefore, AUX chooses to settle here, to furtherboost leapfrog development ofthe technical strength for AUX air-conditioner products.


Expanding territory AUX secures the highland of globalized industrial technology

With upgrading of domestic consumption, the public mentality of consumption hasundergone fundamental changes,an increasing number of consumers attach more importance to quality when purchasing products; meanwhile, the traditional air-conditioner industry has also embraced opportunities of high-end, top-quality, individualized transformationand development; the entireair-conditioner industry has reached consensus on how to better improve product qualityand explore deep demand ofconsumers, which isalso a critical concern formany domestic air-conditioner manufacturers.

Since its establishment 25 yearsago, AUX Air-Conditioner has beenspecialized ininnovation and R&D of air-conditioner products, and committed tocreating value for users based on better products andservices. In 2018, AUX Air-conditioner did not stop forging ahead, after ranking No.1 of onlinesales, to continuously expand its territory and set sail overseasin the newyear, and R&D center was founded in Kobe Japan, with unremitting efforts to reinforce product R&D and technological innovation.

AUX Japan R&D Center is thefirst overseas R&D institution establishedby AUX Air-Conditioner. According to Zheng Jianjiang,Chairman of AUX Group, there is a multitude of world-classair-conditioner manufacturing enterprises here; relying on unique hardware facility, industrial support, technology cluster, talent reserve and other advantages, AUX Japan R&DCenter will grow into a first-class globalized R&D center, innovativeproduct incubation center and innovative talent training center in the future, continuously introduce advanced Japanesetechnology, collaborate with domestic R&D centers in development, and join forces to create  ground-breakingnew air-conditioner products for global consumers.

AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R

Before the meeting, ZhengJianjiang, Chairman of AUX Group and ItoTosizo,Governor of Hyogo-ken Japan had acordial conversation; both sides held in-depth exchanges on establishing AUX Air-Conditioner’sR&D center in Kobe and future technical R&D development strategy. Ito Tosizo expressed his welcome tothe establishment of AUX Japan R&D Center, and sincerely looking forward to the cooperationbetween Chinese and Japaneseair-conditionertechnologies.

AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R

On the day of meeting, Mr. Hisamoto Keizou, the Mayor of Kobe Japan, sent a video of congratulations,and expressedhis warm welcome to the settlement of AUXAir-Conditioner. “We have long heard that as the leading Chinese brand of air-conditioner, AUX Air-Conditioner’s strength in China cannot be underestimated,thus we hope the companies with strong technical strengths like AUX will settle in Kobe,”Mr. Hisamoto Keizoupraised. In his opinions, Kobe is the “Hanshin Industrial Zone”, one of four major industrialzones in Japan. Today, Kobe has developeda series of relevant industrial chains with manufacturing industry at the core, nurtured several leadingJapanese home appliance companies,and he believes that AUX will bring new vitality to theair-conditioning industry, and create more valuetogether with many first-class companies.

AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R

Japan’s air-conditioner R&D and manufacturingindustry ranks top in the world, while the establishment of AUX Japan R&DCenter indicates that “China’s intelligentmanufacturing”has successfully seized the highland ofleading globalair-conditioner industry. AUXAir-Conditioner is rooted inChina and looking toward the future, to continuously focus on technical R&D, achieveself-breakthrough, constantly globalize the product quality andproduct innovation mentality,play a leading role in the world, andshow the power of  “China’s intelligent manufacturing” to the world.

Based on borderless technology,adhere to sci-tech innovations and cultivate top talents

Science and technology areprimary productive forces. Since its establishment, AUX Air-Conditioner hasnever forgotten its original aspirations of constantly practicing technical innovation withactions, and it is committed to buildinghealthier, more comfortable andintelligent new air-conditioner products for consumers, promoting rapid development ofair-conditioner industry and even theentire Chinese manufacturing industry.

According to Leng Ling, President of AUX Home Appliance Department, in recent years, AUX has invested a total of more than RMB 3 billion in product quality,technical innovation and efficiencyimprovement,launched secondary supply chain management,introduced the world’s cutting-edge testing equipment, and absorbedover 50% of master andPh.D. holders in theinnovative R&D team, tocontrol product quality from the source.The activity of“unconditional return of goods afteruse for60 days”is the first in the industry, reflecting “good quality and powerful strength”.

The AUX Smart Factorycompleted in December 2017integrates intelligence and automation, and leverages more standardized technology of higher turnover rate to achieve overall product quality upgradingand fully smart integration of air-conditioner industry, from five aspects ofautomated production, intelligent equipment, IT management, digitaldecision-making and three-dimensional logistics, representing superb level of “China’sintelligent manufacturing”.

For technical innovation, AUX has neverstopped exploring and moving forward. The establishment of Japan R&D Centeris another milestone on AUX’s journey of technical innovation, as it has thoroughly opened up the high-end and cutting-edge development channels, armed products withmore advanced technology, and assisted AUX to grow intoa domestic and internationalfirst-class air-conditioner brand.

Talent is the foundation ofdevelopment for both the country and enterprises. AUX has never lost its talent cultivationwhile growing and expending. As a state-leveltechnical innovationdemonstration enterprise and a permanent unit of postdoctoral workstation, AUXhas established four R&D centers in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Zhuhai; nevertheless, upon establishment of JapanR&D center, AUX will build it into a first-classinternational research institute, innovative product incubation center and cradleof talent cultivation, so as toprovide abroader development platformfor young people, create better opportunities, andfoster more top technical talents.

AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R

At the unveiling ceremony, Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of AUX Group designatedSakaguchi Tadashi as the CenterDirectorand Miyaba Yasuaki as the Deputy Center Director. Sakaguchi Tadashimentioned that all existing members of R&D center are from theprestigious Japanese industrial and technical universities, such as Osaka University, KansaiUniversity, etc, withabundant technical experience andquality, paving the way for AUX talent team construction. He also said, “The R&D center is equippedwith world-leading laboratory, estimated to add up to about 150 peopleafter three years, thus fully undertakingthe international technical R&D of AUX Air-conditioner.”


As a pace-setter in the era, AUX empowers traditional manufacturing and builds industrial benchmark

This year, Government Work Report of the two national sessions put forward theconcept of “smart+” for the first time. The reportpoints out to deepen R&D applications of big data and artificialintelligence in the future, create industrial Internet platform,expand “smart+”, empower manufacturing transformation and upgrading, align the standard with globally advanced level, and enhanceproduct and service quality, so thatmore domestic and foreign users will choose made-in-China and Chinese service.

AUX took the lead tofirstly accomplish industrial upgrading.AUX Smart Factory, known as the “Intelligent Benchmark of Chinese Air-Conditioner Industry”, involves in all perspectives of logistics andinformation technology, and fullyleverages theworld’s advanced automationand information facilities in terms of production equipments, to create a truly intelligent and automated smart factory, and promote product quality upgrading.

Earlier this year, AUX initially launched the “Internet Direct Selling” model again, and relied on social capitals, logistics and services, to build efficient marketingservice model from factory to home, fully connect intelligentmanufacturing, smart retail, intelligent product with intelligent service in the Internet era, and enhance consumer rights and interests.

From production source to user terminal, AUX continuouslyattains the new height of traditional manufacturingdevelopment withintelligence,as a pioneer in the era time and time again, insists on top quality under deep recognition of Internet, never forgets original aspiration, and strives fordelivering high-quality and best-price air-conditioner products to the world.

AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R

Comprehensively deploy the global arena, and witness “China’s  intelligent  manufacturing”going global

Nowadays, since home appliance market has ushered in the era of “quality economy”, product quality must rely on technical strength of enterprise; AUX Air-Conditioner actively sets up a role modelin the era of “quality economy”, insists on the corporate philosophy of“Quality is the cornerstone, and innovation is the soul”, continuously practices product innovation and qualityupgrading, accelerates deployment ofglobalization strategy, expands overseas market, and continues to invest significantly in building new production baseand R&D center.

“Globalization”is an important strategy for AUX toface and deploy the world, whereas the unveiled AUX Japan R&DCenter is an important measure of AUX’sglobal layout, tobuild a world-class air-conditioner technology R&D base, in the principle of “making exquisite products with high standard and high criteria”, and bring high-quality air-conditioner products to users around theworld.


On the context of increasingly fierce competition in domestic air-conditioner market, AUX actively deploys the global integrated marketstrategy, driven by overseas and domestic market, product and R&D capabilities. Undoubtedly, the establishmentof AUX Air-Conditioner Japan R&D Center will give another impetus to the AUX quality, and it also marks AUX’s crucial step for globalization and intelligent upgrading, spreading AUX philosophy to theworld on the global arena, and developing “China’s intelligent manufacturing”at a global level!