AUX R290 All In One heat pump

Jun. 25, 2024

Aux according to user and market demand,launching the R290 All In One Split heat pump to bring users a higher quality of life. 

AUX R290 All In One heat pump

High energy efficiency

AUX R290 All In One Split type, using R290 green refrigerant, ultra-high energy efficiency, outlet water temperature up to 80℃.


Easy to install

All In One system with high integration, built-in domestic hot water tank, expansion tank,etc. Set heating and domestic hot water as one. Equipped with zero cold water connector, easy installation,hot water comes out quickly. It can be installed in the boiler room to replace the old boiler,


More Choices 

Equipped with dual temperature sensor connectors, the user can adjust according to the actual use, meeting the daily hot water needs.


No hidden danger

All In One add water and gas separator, combined with automatic exhaust valve, refrigerant does not enter the heating system to ensure the maximum degree of system safety.


AUX is committed to providing users with more professional and intelligent solutions.

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